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Posted by BlackholeStudios - 5 days ago

Just wanted to say that berserk hit beyond 36 thousand views,awesome,and you guys were very positive in the comments,Im proud of it,but the real berserk main storyline will be beggining in episode 2, I hope that this series will inspire animators to make alot more voiceacted animations,I already saw that a few new animations with voiceacting came out after berserk's pilot was released,Im glad that it happened,Ill do my best along with the team to make sure that berserk's quality of Voiceacting,animation and graphical style will improve and improve. Thank you for support guys,Episode 2 already in production since 2 months.



Posted by BlackholeStudios - October 29th, 2020

I think I might start making free madness Characters sprites and backgrounds commisions for people,because I recently noticed that most of the stuff that im making is mostly for me (without including many ocs as gifts I made for some people,and stuff that people didn't used anywhere),so I might start some in the future,not yet because i have quite few things to handle,so once ill get through them and buy myself some time,I might start doing them


Posted by BlackholeStudios - August 31st, 2020


I love madness combat alot,it is a community where i started getting my animating skills,however...when im looking at various youtube animations from other communities...i feel like im not that experienced,I want to explore the art of animating alot more.

i won't learn anything more by animating just sprite animations,that's why ill animate some not madness related stuff in the future,don't worry im not leaving madness,im still gonna animate it,but i wanna put some other type of animations on my channel to learn new and new things,explore 2D and maybe 3D animating,here's a little sneak peek from hazbin hotel fan short that im animating,and stay tuned for black berserk madness animation,it will be released this madness day! And i hope you'll like it,i hope that madness:black berserk series will become something big for my channel.



Posted by BlackholeStudios - July 28th, 2020

So the animation that i was making is finished,just sounds,thumbnail and music needs to be added,im planning to do a trailer for it because it will be better to release it on madness day,its gonna be hard for me to just wait for it so im gonna do a trailer for it.Here's a small screenshot from it


Hope you like it and you'll be sadisfied once it comes out,its a little more than 20 minutes long,and it only took 6 months to make,including gathering team,making all the sprites and backgrounds,That's crazy! hope,you're doing good guys! see ya!



Posted by BlackholeStudios - April 12th, 2020

Im in more than a half away from finishing the 1st berserk,im trying to make it as unique as i can,im avoiding using any assets that are not mine,which means my sprites,my version of a.a.h.w. sprites(a.a.h.w. only apppears in the pilot),my backgrounds,hand,foot,models,blood,shoot effects,fbf animations.the only things not made by my are going to be oc's,basic head models,and some posters.here's a little sneak peek


i think i should finish it somewhere in july,or even june,but im not sure if it'll be enough time for june.i have around 3 more fighting scenes to make including boss fight on the roof (and some talking scenes when voice actors will finish their dialougues),,after that,arrival at mars scene and some scenes on it,and the animation will be finished


Posted by BlackholeStudios - January 4th, 2020

so blackhole was walking through the city demolished by new year celebrating gopniks not long ago and did what every reasonable person could do,do a sexy pose (well,as good as madness structure allows it.)


but seriously new year recently came in,hope you all will be able to call it a good one,i just wanted to show that im working on berserk,this background (its a little bit bigger but i cut it for the post) will be a part of the first episode,,im accually pretty good with time for the berserk,i was saying that it want it to come out at madness day,and i have already finished 3 scenes and almost have background for 4th,if i won't slow down too much,i think ill finish animating in the best case somewhere in may. I recently had a rethoughts about voiceacting in the berserk,i got 2 bois to voice act (3 including me) but im worried if it will fit in the madness universum (i think only xionic madness had that),it will be weird to hear voices in madness stuff,so if you have your own thoughts about this,please write what do you think about it,i would really like to see what is your opinion about this.



Posted by BlackholeStudios - October 4th, 2019

Well i think 5 people voted for yes in my last post,its not much,but well...i promised.

I Told you that im planning my own series which i was excited to talk about.

The thing will be called BLACK BERSERK and if nothing goes wrong,it will be published on madness day 2020 or even earlier.Im planning to have something not regular for madness community which is voice acting,this will mean voice actors.


While hankerchief,sand and dead are fighting with anomalys on earth,my fabule will space out to mars,where untouched by the auditor's corruption planet is being destroyed by the war of the three colonization corporations that are fighting for as big domination on the planet as possible.The first one will be called:Re-frame placed on bright side of the mars that has the highest tower and biggest base tower is focusing on mining with thousands of miners mars ores for their industrialisation,second one,the science corporation called AS-S (Absortive Science-Source) placed between bright and dark side of the mars will have their own space station,and secret science and medical underground base,AS-S is mining mars ores for scientific discoveries and power that the ores have. The third one called Marcenaries that have giant well secured main base which is working as a armory factory,is mining mars for very strong and useful ores that are useful to create incredibly strong equipment and very effective weapons.The ar rages on for years,till one day,all with their will have enough and decide to create one push for each other,which will set mars in chaos and later on will be remembered as:the war of the three empires.

i don't want to talk about the movie itself,because i don't want to spoil anything,so ill just leave you with this and ill see how will people take this.

PS i will be posting pictures from the progress,so keep an eye out for that



Posted by BlackholeStudios - August 18th, 2019

I've been thinking about the recent incident:069 that me and CRY.NN releashed,and my point is that i wanted to make some sort of short series in madness universe,this idea is stuck inside my head because i always wanted to make something big,like real animated series,but this of course would mean that i would had to improve my skills in everything:sprites,visual effects,atmosphere building,and trying to not make those shakey little animations,another thing is that i would required more support for this,because in my opinion its pointless to make those series without viewers to see them and support to see if they are really that cool,cuz i won't make series if people don't like them i mean.I really need to see your opinion about this idea,feel free to share comment about this idea,and i would want to make a voting beneath the post:

happy face:I like the idea sad face:I don't like the idea

if the idea will be accepted,ill soon start showing you some concept to the series.

And if not,then ill just be thinking about diffrient idea.



Posted by BlackholeStudios - March 15th, 2019

I would really thank sinsofthepast / Владимир Васильевич Макаров for making those sprites of me in the gopnik version for my brithday which will be 21 march P.S. you're not late sinsofthepast ;)


to become gopnik, I didn't needed to make a video:if blackhole were gopnik,but I had to watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ryr0PkmiHk&t=479s while crouching and holding my vodka (damn my beard looks sexy :> )


Posted by BlackholeStudios - December 5th, 2018

Guys,my short animations are getting pretty boring,thats why im making my own incident!in this incident you wont be only able to see blood and gore,but also my new rf sprites witch growed up since i showed them last time!,theres still much time to finish it,so be patient!(if you even care[IF SOMEONE EVEN CARE!]) please cut off saying nice door.6991309_154402588112_incident69.png